Your Audience

wants to learn something new
wants to be inspired

wants to connect

Thank you so much for making yourself available to speak to our 7CTOs members.  We hope that you have a blast engaging with thoughtful, enlightened and accomplished technology leaders.  Your audience will be a mixture of CTOs, VPs and Technology Co-Founders all at various levels of experience.  Most of our members are in forums of 7 or less learning how to collaborate and foster innovative thinking in communities of practice.


Company sizes vary greatly from $4B in revenues to $100k in revenues, from 400 people to 5 people in size.  Nevertheless, your talk is bound to provide a nugget of inspiration (or many!) to everyone and you will almost certainly face an interesting conversation or two after your talk if you make yourself available for 1-1 time.

Your Content

should be structured
should be organized
should provide application

If you are reading this, we probably think that you’re a very interesting person with something special to share with us so don’t fret too much over content :). You are welcome to use slides if you want or you can use our whiteboard. You are also welcome to use a more informal conversation style.  We do find that what works really well, is when your talk is organized well, structured and goes deep into a topic but comes out with a few practical tools that our members can take back to their companies

Chapter Meeting

If you are speaking at a Chapter meeting we recommend you prepare for an hour engagement.  Probably 30-40 minutes speaking time and then approx. 20 minutes for Q&A.  Here are a few examples of previous speakers and their engagements at our lunch time Chapter meetings.




The fine print

the stuff we need to tell you but know that our tone is warm and friendly


As you can tell, we record and publish all our talks.  We hope that you see this as valuable to your own branding on the web.  All our talks will be distributed to members of 7CTOs across other cities and those that could not make your talk.  In many cases we also publish the talk to our YouTube channel with a transcription and blog post.  Sometimes our speakers are asked to do follow up podcasts or webinars.  Again, we hope that you find this valuable.


We do not offer a stipend by default.  We hope that you see your talk as a service to bright young minds as well as to the older and wiser.  If you do require a stipend please let us know in advance so that 7CTOs can make a decision on how to move forward should we choose to do so.

Follow Up

We welcome you providing your contact information and business cards to all our members so that they may reach out to you at their discretion.  We do not however provide you with a blanket list of people who attended your talk.


Please feel free to contact Etienne de Bruin ([email protected]) with any questions or clarification you might need.