7CTOs START Program

We help startups scale their technology organizations

Do you have quality and velocity concerns? Do you have the right dev team? Do you need stronger tech leadership?

Watch Etienne, founder of 7CTOs, give an overview of the START program.

How it works 1-2-3


Step 1: We assess your current tech stack and main challenges

You’ve been heads down working on building your company. We love it. You do what it takes to get your products in the hands of your customers. This assessments take a look at where your tech stands according to best practices.


Step 2: We build an Action plan that focusses on the next right thing

Out of your assessment comes the famous 7CTOs Action Plan. It’s a very simple instruction on what you should be focusing on next. We know there is always a ton of work to do. But don’t focus on the work that’s not necessary to get done right now.


Step 3: We do monthly group coaching calls to get you unstuck!

By far our favorite part is to see you on Slack in #start channel. We also love connecting you with CTOs and other experienced tech people to help get you unstuck. If you’re not stuck, then come join us and get some questions answered.

Companies trusting 7CTOs with growing their technical leaders:

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The START program is a 12 month program with the following payment options:

  • $800/month

  • $2,000/quarter

  • $6,000/year

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