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Etienne de Bruin


Etienne de Bruin is co-founder and Executive Chairman of the Board of 7CTOs, Inc.

A native of South Africa, Etienne graduated from Stellenbosch University and, worked in the private sector in South Africa before moving to Aachen, Germany in 1997. In 2000 he and his wife moved to San Diego, where they currently live with their three young children.

Brittany Cotton

Head of Coaching

An innovative and dynamic leader in the professional coaching community, she trains and mentors coaches as a Program Leader with Accomplishment Coaching, one of the most rigorous leadership and coach training companies in the world, and also serves private clients as an Executive and Leadership Coach.

She lives in San Diego with her dog Teddy.

Kathy Keating

Growth Group Coaching Program Director

Kathy Keating is a mission-driven technology executive, bringing three decades of experience in HRTech, FinTech and HealthTech industries. Most of the software products she and her teams have built are still in production today.

As a two-time founder with an exit, she is a forward-thinking leader committed to steering and empowering high-performing teams to cultivate great culture and deliver successful results.

Kathy has been at the helm of many visionary strategies, transformations, strategic partnerships, pivotal initiatives, turnarounds, and out of the box problem solving leading growing companies to scale quickly and effectively including at such companies
as Monster, Webroot, Autopay, and Ad Hoc.

Kathy is a CTO Advisor, and Executive Coach. She coaches CTOs and CEOs to develop the key leadership skills that are essential for success in their role, including their ability to think strategically, make effective decisions, build highly productive teams, and successfully navigate change. She assists startups and scaleups to optimize their product engineering operations so that they can deliver quickly and effectively.

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Sally Cullerton

Chief Financial Officer

Sally graduated from Princeton University and is a financial storyteller and maven, turning financial objectives and numbers into engaging and understandable narratives for non-financial minds. Her approachable style and genuine passion for empowering others through financial literacy has materially impacted the financial strength and health of numerous small businesses over the past 20 years.Sally resides in Nashville, TN with her husband and four kids.

Nina Hamlett

Operations Administrator

Nina joins the team with a background in management and business operations along with a passion for good communication. Previously, She played a pivotal role in organizing the 0111 conference in South Africa during her tenure with 7CTOs. Her expertise ensures smooth operations within the organization. She is based in Colorado.

Katie Gage


Katie works with clients to explore the human and emotional side of work. She helps them develop resilient careers, build the confidence they need to go after big career & life goals, develop critical leadership skills, and to be the kind of leader they would follow.

Patty Leeper


Patty began her career @ NeXT Computer, a higher education start-up founded by Steve Jobs, where she oversaw 100 college students working for the company on campuses across the country.

She works with people people and teams to be great at work—engaged, collaborative, and doing work that connects individual efforts to the organization’s larger purpose.
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Rachel Hart


Rachel is an enthusiastic and passionate person who inspires people, influences perspectives, and facilitates collaborative working environments.

Her mission is to help individuals and organizations realize their peak potential and achieve self-defined growth goals in the fastest, healthiest and most effective manner. She believes people are capable of leadership with more impact than they may have imagined and her trademark is inspiring others to claim who they are in their full glory. With the nickname Dream Maker, she impacts individuals and organizations by challenging them to stretch further to maximize their full potential, while celebrating everything along the way.
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Michael Margolin


Michael has over 25 years of instruction, consulting, and professional development experience.

He co-founded Krav Mega Worldwide, a self-defense and fighting training facility, before becoming certified as a Professional Certified Coach from the International Coach Federation. He focuses on helping clients develop awareness and perspective, identify obstacles to their success and directly support them in their journey to overcoming and succeeding. Michael holds a Master’s degree in Psychology from the University of Southern California.
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L.J. Lumpkin


L.J. is a Coach and Licensed Therapist in California, who uses mindfulness techniques to help others cultivate a better understanding of present moment dilemmas, so that they can tap into innate problem solving skills to reduce stress and step forward into their authentic self.

L.J. has experience working with a diverse group of clients such as, Startups, athletes, C suite executives, and those who live high stress lives and are working to find a healthy balance that works for them.
L.J. is an adjunct professor at Pepperdine University where he teaches Masters level Classes in Multicultural Psychology, Career Development, and Trauma in Diverse populations. L.J. brings his eclectic knowledge into communities to help cultivate a sense of empowerment and cohesion within the team. L.J is originally from Salinas CA, and graduated from Cal Poly SLO with a B.A. in psychology and University of Antioch with a M.A. in clinical psychology.
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Tatsu Fushimi


Tatsu is an ICF certified life and business coach with a background of 17.5 years in corporate international sales.

His passion is personal development and supporting others in reaching their highest potential. Inspired by human connection and the power of the mind, his ultimate focus as a coach is the alignment of mind and spirit. Aside from all things personal development, he enjoys playing golf, writing children’s picture books, and spending time with loved ones.
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Matthew Ferguson


Fergie is a senior technology executive with a background as software engineer, data engineer, system architect and product manager with a track record of building successful teams and products.

His career has spanned diverse industries of ERP, digital media, utility smart grid, data analytics, digital tv, and telecommunications. Fergie has been able to leverage his hands on technical skills, engineering management experience and business savvy to build teams from start-up mode on up as well as transform existing teams into accountable high performance operations.

Fergie resides with his family near San Diego CA and enjoys sailing, skiing and soaring depending on the season.

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Kevin Goldsmith


Kevin has been in the software industry for over 30 years as a developer, architect, engineering manager, and software executive in some of the industry’s largest companies (IBM, Adobe, Microsoft), angel and seed stage startups, and B, C, and D round startups.

He is currently the Chief Technology Officer at DistroKid, the world’s largest digital music distributor. Kevin has also been the Chief Technology Officer at Anaconda, Onfido, and Avvo. In addition, he was a VP of Engineering at Spotify and a Director of Engineering at Adobe. He has also served on multiple companies’ Board of Directors or Board of Advisors.

As a Principal of Nimble Autonomy, LLC, he advises startup leaders and companies on four continents.

He lives near Seattle, Washington, with his family and dog. He enjoys travel, photography, and composing and performing music.

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Linda Apsley


Linda Apsley is a seasoned technology executive who blends a deep knowledge of technology with leadership and business skills to build innovative and transformative technology teams and solutions.

She has a proven track record of driving technical change and increasing high scale stability across many industries including technology, retail, media, banking, and insurance.

Linda was CTO at GEICO where she transformed the technology team, technology stack, and engineering practices. Linda was an early adopter in developing cloud data eco-systems to support data science and AI solutions as an engineering executive at Citi and Capital One. Linda worked at Amazon, Time, Inc., and Microsoft in various engineering roles including a role on the original architecture team for Office 365. Linda holds three patents. She has been named one of the top 100 women in technology by Technology Magazine in 2023.

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Jeff Miller


Jeff is an experienced coach that supports individuals and organizations in overcoming circumstances and adversity to achieve well rounded results. His mission is to enrich clients in their personal and professional lives.

Jeff is the author of the book, WINNING HABITS, Practices to Achieve Success in Every Aspect of Your Life, published in 2019.

He lives in Matthews, NC with his wife and three children.

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Sarah Schneider


Sarah Schneider is an executive coach and advisor to high-performers that crave more out of life and work. Her work focuses on supporting ambitious, hard on themselves leaders, in reducing the cost and challenges of leadership, so that they can be the realest version of themselves, expand their leadership, create high-trust cultures, and have more impact and fun.

For 20 years, Sarah has been having candid conversations with leaders, supporting them to be better communicators, decision makers, relationship builders, team creators and more, which allows them to live and work in a way that is meaningful to them. Prior to running her own business, Sarah was a leader in the IT space working within startup companies and more established companies. Sarah is a Professional Certified Coach, holds an MBA, and blends transformative inner work with tangible goals.
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