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Keeping Us Connected

By July 26, 2017 July 30th, 2017 No Comments

At 7CTOs, we obviously think connecting people is powerful. Technologists often face the stigma of being solitary and bad at being around other humans. However, we know that CTOs don’t work by themselves. Their role is to lead and connect a team.

It’s been about a month since San Diego hosted Startup Week #SDSW. Our CTO, Etienne De Bruin was a moderator of one of the many panels called “Technology Hot or Not?.” It was a smash it. To let everyone know we were going to be hosting a panel, we used Meetup.com.

Yvette Pasqua is the CTO behind the company that makes it possible for people to have real life friends in the era of social media. She’s the CTO at Meetup.com a popular website that helps people with similar interests to connect. You’ve probably been to a group or led one either tech related or about another interest.

Meetup uses social media to help connect those who actually want to be social. Here in San Diego, there are lots of transplants, including our CEO. However, there are so many cool people in San Diego and cool things to do, it’s only fair for all of these transplants to want to meet one another and enjoy this fabulous city.

As CTO of Meetup, she is tasked with leading her team in continuing excellent customer user-experience.

Pasqua has a bachelor’s in biological basis of behavior from University of Pennsylvania, where she was also was pre-med. While in college she worked as a networking specialist at the University of Pennsylvania Medical Center where she worked on internet communications software and hardware.

Thank you Yvette for keeping us connected!