The Young and the Passionate

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Elizabeth Davis has been pegged as a one of 12 women CTOs to watch in 2017 by Hackbright Academy. The year 2017 is a big one for Elizabeth as it’s also the year she will be graduating with her B.S. in computer science with an concentration in human computer action from Stanford University.

She’s the CTO of Greo, a startup mobile video platform. According to their website, this platform is designed to be a new type of social network, allowing the user to express oneself authentically and creatively as well as discover and engage in conversations that matter to the user. Greo is currently in beta and is looking for people to sign up.

Elizabeth has a Squarespace website that drips with the passion of a technology entrepreneur who wants to change the world, and that is AWESOME. There, she writes about her projects, experience, thoughts and travels to Cape Town, South Africa where she was an information science and robotics teacher at the Center of Science and Technology for three months. Hey, we know Capetown! It looks like this girl has been some cool places and is going cool places. She’s held internships at Google and Pinterest.

One of Elizabeth’s passions is diversity in technology. She is the founder and president for an organization on Stanford’s campus called Black Overflow, which creates a community for black computer science students and partners with Bay Area organizations to provide initiatives like Hack the Hood and Black in CS mentor programs. Her company, Greo, is a team of three that believes in disrupting the homogeneity of Silicon Valley. They are looking for a lead engineer; know anyone? Here is an article she posted on LinkedIn about how diversity played into her work at Pinterest.

You can follow Elizabeth at @lizfordays

Thank you Liz for reminding us what it means to be passionate. And Happy Graduation!