Who should join

Are you passionate about any or all of the following?

  1. Using your skills and experience as CTO for a cause larger than yourself?
  2. Reversing the USA’s continued slide down the Global Economic Competitiveness rankings?
  3. Securing your children’s future by joining a brain trust that seeks to find ways to boost our economy through diversity and innovation?
  4. Having your own technology advisory board that you can trust and share ideas in confidentiality?
  5. Improving your executive leadership skills by pursuing emotional intelligence?
  6. Building out your own network of like minded, passionate CTOs in your city and beyond?

Personally we hope you circled all of the above but if you only circled one, you’re in good company!

We are less concerned with your title and more concerned with your passion and technical experience.  Check out this video:

We believe that through disruptive thinking, leading with emotional intelligence and being supported by a trusted community of your peers you will grow as a leader and innovate in your role as CTO. 


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