What is 0111?

0111 provides you with endless opportunities to learn and grow with your fellow attendees through:

Innovative Processes: multiple opportunities to work and learn in diverse groups, experimenting with new ways of working together

Real-world Learning: we have lined up a suite of timely, relevant topics delivered by in-the-trenches CTOs using multiple learning modalities

Unexpected Connections: build authentic relationships that will bring meaning and life-long value to your world

Our 0111 San Diego 2019 Speakers

Barry O’Reilly

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It’s no easy feat to keep 70+ CTOs engaged for two days, but the mix of presentations, discussions, and introspection, combined with opportunities to meet new people were the right fuel for an amazing conference!

Irwin Rodrigues, Orolia, Chief Product Officer

Another amazing event! 7CTOs outdoes themselves year after year. Great speakers and a wonderful group of friendly people.

Jonathan Down, CTO @ Proposify

I’ve never seen a conference with such an air of humility. All the tech leaders I spoke with were willing to get curious and engage in wonderful, authentic conversations. I learned my challenges aren’t unique and there’s a group of empathetic CTOs willing to listen and share their thoughts, regardless of org size.

Eric Lawler, Silversheet. Senior Engineer

7CTOs is a must-have for the successful technology leader.

Lu Saenz, Flock Freight (formerly AuptiX), VP Engineering & Product

0111 is a not only a gathering of some of the smartest people but also some of the best humans I’ve been to. This will make you come out of this as a better individual and leader

Jerome Bonhomme, CTO, American Specialty Health

Attending the 0111 event was refreshing, invigorating and thought-provoking. Can’t wait for next year’s!

Julia Duran, South Geeks, CEO

This is a very special conference that brings together relevant topics for technology leaders of companies of all sizes. The speakers are amazing and the venues are fun. Being able to share experiences with peers from all over the globe is both enjoyable and valuable.

Sigalit Tsadok, Co-Founder PermitDocs

7CTOs is an awesome place to refine the craft of being a manager in a group of dedicated, thoughtful people. Very focussed on goals but still fun and engaging. Definitely recommended for any manager looking for a place to learn

Daniel Croft, GitLab - Engineering Manager, Package

I’m constantly guided by the principle of surrounding oneself with those who you would like to be like. 7CTOs is a community likely to change the career trajectory of any young technical leader

Valeed Malik, SaRA Health, CoFounder & CTO

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