Beth Rehberg

Operations Manager

Beth analyzes and improves our organizational processes, and works to improve quality, productivity, and efficiency!

Elise Thompson

Customer Success

As an executive assistant to the CEO and co-founder of 7CTOs, I have many administrative tasks such as monitoring and answering emails, as well as monitoring and organizing calendars.

As the admin for 7CTOs, I maintain the database of members, potential members and past members. I also coordinate 7CTOs events and act as the main line of communication between the CTOs and our co-founders.
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Etienne de Bruin

Founder & CEO

Etienne de Bruin is co-founder and CEO of 7CTOs, Inc., an organization that seeks to build the world’s best Chief Technology- Officers.

A native of South Africa, Etienne graduated from Stellenbosch University and, worked in the private sector in South Africa before moving to Aachen, Germany in 1997. In 2000 he and his wife moved to San Diego, where they currently live with their three young children.
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Joanie Connell


Joanie B. Connell, Ph.D., is a talent management expert, organizational consultant, author, and public speaker. She is also a leadership and career coach for people across job levels, ages, and industries, and she especially loves helping technical people improve their people skills.

Joanie has a PhD in psychology from UC Berkeley and a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Harvard.
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Katie Gage


Katie works with clients to explore the human and emotional side of work. She helps them develop resilient careers, build the confidence they need to go after big career & life goals, develop critical leadership skills, and to be the kind of leader they would follow.

Leon de Bruin

Science Advisor & Financial Controller

Leon de Bruin’s decades of science and engineering experience has been infused with a passion to see the next generation increase its competitive edge through innovation.

He is instrumental in keeping 7CTOs on track — our curriculum, our scientific engagement and our overall focus to use technology as a means for collaboration.
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Nickolai Walker


Nick is a Master Barber artist, comedian, social media account aficionado and manager, dad, DJ, camera operator, sound technician and if necessary loaded diaper carrier.

I approach every situation with humor first then love. I am imperfectly perfect.
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Patty Leeper


Patty began her career @ NeXT Computer, a higher education start-up founded by Steve Jobs, where she oversaw 100 college students working for the company on campuses across the country.

She works with people people and teams to be great at work—engaged, collaborative, and doing work that connects individual efforts to the organization’s larger purpose.
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Quinn Paglierani


The foundation of Quinn’s coaching practice is brought to life through a process of “self discovery,” because she believes success starts from within.

As a Life and Career Coach for many years, Quinn has had the pleasure of helping professionals around the globe get the most out of their careers and do what they love. This leads to more fulfilling personal lives, stronger relationships and a healthier life overall.
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Rachel Hart


Rachel is an enthusiastic and passionate person who inspires people, influences perspectives, and facilitates collaborative working environments.

Her mission is to help individuals and organizations realize their peak potential and achieve self-defined growth goals in the fastest, healthiest and most effective manner. She believes people are capable of leadership with more impact than they may have imagined and her trademark is inspiring others to claim who they are in their full glory. With the nickname Dream Maker, she impacts individuals and organizations by challenging them to stretch further to maximize their full potential, while celebrating everything along the way.
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