Beth Rehberg


Beth serves as the CEO of 7CTOs, after initially taking over company operations in 2020.
Prior to her current role, she spent 16 years in the investment industry, earning her Certified Financial Planner™ designation and managing operations and trading for a successful financial practice in Midtown NYC.

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Etienne de Bruin


Etienne de Bruin is co-founder and Executive Chairman of the Board of 7CTOs, Inc.

A native of South Africa, Etienne graduated from Stellenbosch University and, worked in the private sector in South Africa before moving to Aachen, Germany in 1997. In 2000 he and his wife moved to San Diego, where they currently live with their three young children.

Samantha Henderson

Head of Community

Samantha ensures our members have an epic experience. She grows our forum membership through outreach and plans amazing events that bring us together.

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Brittany Cotton

Head of Coaching

An innovative and dynamic leader in the professional coaching community, she trains and mentors coaches as a Program Leader with Accomplishment Coaching, one of the most rigorous leadership and coach training companies in the world, and also serves private clients as an Executive and Leadership Coach.

She lives in San Diego with her dog Teddy.

Katie Gage


Katie works with clients to explore the human and emotional side of work. She helps them develop resilient careers, build the confidence they need to go after big career & life goals, develop critical leadership skills, and to be the kind of leader they would follow.

Leon de Bruin

Science Advisor & Financial Controller

Leon de Bruin’s decades of science and engineering experience has been infused with a passion to see the next generation increase its competitive edge through innovation.

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Patty Leeper


Patty began her career @ NeXT Computer, a higher education start-up founded by Steve Jobs, where she oversaw 100 college students working for the company on campuses across the country.

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Rachel Hart


Rachel is an enthusiastic and passionate person who inspires people, influences perspectives, and facilitates collaborative working environments.

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Michael Margolin


Michael has over 25 years of instruction, consulting, and professional development experience.

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