In collaboration with Thinkific and Vancouver CTO Group, on 5/8/2019, in Vancouver, BC, 7CTOs presented:

“Managing Growth through Transparency & Communication”
“I was an early-stage startup CTO”
“Building and maintaining a good company culture”

On Managing Growth through Transparency & Communication: An actionable overview of techniques used to manage effectively at times of change and growth in a startup environment. Strategies to implement in bringing your team closer together when you as a CTO are getting stretched and have less and less time to spend in the trenches alongside your engineers.

On I was an early-stage startup CTO: A talk about the journey building the engineering practice at Thinkific. This talk will include descriptions of the technical, people and process challenges encountered and the lessons learned as a result.

On Building and maintaining a good company culture: Leaders need to build great working environments for their employees, in order to attract and retain the best people. I want to share some of the keys to our success at WineDirect.

What is the CTO Colloquium?

The CTO Colloquium is a series of meetings held in various cities, at which specialists address Chief Technology Officers in presentations on relevant topics.  Afterwards, they answer questions pertaining to these topics as well as take part in discussions with  smaller groups of attendees.

Who is it for?

The meetings are exclusive to the head of all technology in a company, typically the CTO.  We prefer to keep the meetings small in order to maximize engagement with the presenters and therefor we keep it invite-only.

Please contact us if you’re interested in attending a future Colloquium. Just a heads up that these are invite-only events, but we are always interested in meeting new people. 


Bijan Vaez
CoFounder & Advisor, EventMobi

Matt Payne
CTO at Thinkific