Joel, the founder of ModernCTO Podcast, and I have been talking on and off for 3 years. Both of us building out our own visions, it had become somewhat of a ritual to check in on each other’s progress. So when I reached out to Joel in October of this year, I had no idea we were about to embark on a very special partnership together. I simply wrote, “I have an idea” to which he responded almost immediately, “Perfect, I can give you a call now or in an hour”.

That sums up the way he works. He is in the now. Present with you every step of the way. We talked about our desire to serve the larger technology leadership community and with the stars aligned, we realized that our worlds could collide in a very beautiful way. So we immediately started work on what a partnership between our organizations could look like. We found a wonderful sweet spot.

We call it ELEVATE – the #1 Technology Leadership Community on Earth. This community is an expression of our desire to build the strongest, the healthiest and far reaching technical ecosystem on the planet. 7CTOs continues to provide intimate, accountable forums focused on personal and professional growth as CTOs while ELEVATE reaches a wider audience of technology manager and senior engineers who are earlier in their path to becoming CTOs, VPs or founders. It all fits beautifully into the ecosystem that cares about people, their growth, prosperity and well-being.

Stay tuned.