Diversity in Team & Thought ~ Meetesh Karia

By Published On: December 19, 2018Categories: Blog, Podcasts

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We’ve always embraced diversity as a way to not only bring on talented individuals but also to foster unique solutions and prevent groupthink. Through this mindset, we’ve built one of the most diverse teams (race, gender, education, age, attitude) I’ve ever been a part of and it has been a huge factor in the success we’ve had so far. I would like to share our story with others in the hopes that it helps build diversity and success in other teams.

Meetesh Karia is Chief Technology Officer at The Zebra, responsible for leadership in engineering and architecture for the company. He has an extensive history as a technical leader, having helped grow more than 70 startups as CTO at Thinktiv. Upon graduation from Duke University with degrees in Computer Science and Math, Meetesh began his career at Trilogy Software. He is one of the most highly recruited CTOs in Austin, Texas. Meetesh holds two patents, speaks three languages and is a published author in the field of computational geometry.

This talk was given at the 0111 CTO Conference in Oct 2018.
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