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Just how easy is DevOps? In this week’s show, Phil Borlin and Ken Cone, co-founders of SleepTight, share the answer. They join Etienne de Bruin to talk about the challenges that come with navigating a company’s DevOps, and what developers should keep in mind.

Some ideas you’ll hear them explore are:

  • DevOps is the idea that developers need to be in charge of their own destiny. Therefore, somebody needs to be able to help them get to that point.
  • “What we’re trying to do is change the way people do computer science,” Ken says. You don’t have to flip the ones and zeros on the machines anymore because transistors do that. It’s high time DevOps is that way for people who want to create value.
  • Your business should be unique in your market, but not in your ops nor your tech.
  • Developers should understand their tools, but that doesn’t mean they have to write their tools.
  • Continuous integration simply means that all the code that is being written is grouped together continuously. Trunk-based development is going back to this ideal and feature flags is wrapping all the code.
  • Trunk based development, terraform and infrastructure are all important in approaches to code. Phil and Ken detail the steps and procedures that go into terraforming and building code infrastructure.