On 1/16/2019, in Austin, TX:

Ken Cone
Mary Beth Westmoreland
Elijah Wood

addressed the CTO Colloquium with presentations on:

“Lean for 7CTOs”
“Fail Brilliantly – a Cloud Transformation Story”
“Tools to help your engineering teams discuss the purpose of their work”

On Lean for 7CTOs: “The Lean Startup” has made Lean a common word among entrepreneurs. In this talk, Ken discusses the lean foundations that the Lean Startup is based on and how to apply these to your unique business.

On Fail Brilliantly – a Cloud Transformation Story: Mary Beth will share how learning from many failures propelled Blackbaud’s successful transformation to the cloud.

On Tools to help your engineering teams discuss the purpose of their work: The workshop will begin by exploring a method to clarify for individuals and a group what is important in their work. Together we can reveal when a compelling purpose is missing and avoid moving forward without clarity. Next, we will explore individual work, self-selection of ideas, and structured group conversations to make meetings more actionable. The attendees will identify a challenge to ideate on and vote as a group. Then, everyone will write down their ideas about a particular question or problem on sheets of paper for a few minutes; then, you have each participant pass their ideas on to someone else, who reads the ideas and adds new ideas. Finally, we will conclude with sharing the ideas and reflecting on the exercises of the workshop.

What is the CTO Colloquium?

The CTO Colloquium is a series of meetings held in various cities, at which specialists address Chief Technology Officers in presentations on relevant topics.  Afterwards, they answer questions pertaining to these topics as well as take part in discussions with  smaller groups of attendees.

Who is it for?

The meetings are exclusive to the head of all technology in a company, typically the CTO.  We prefer to keep the meetings small in order to maximize engagement with the presenters and therefor we keep it invite-only.

Please contact us if you’re interested in attending future Colloquiums.


Ken Cone
CTO, Radeus Labs

Mary Beth Westmoreland
CTO, Blackbaud


Elijah Wood
Facilitator, Voltage Control