This is the first ever CTO Toolbelt! A dream come true for me. It’s a short, monthly focused list of resources for people in the role of CTO.

Here’s a bullet point list that you can skim over:

Recruitment. If you’re looking for developers, I highly recommend my friend, Kimberly Owen. I’ve known her for years and trust her with all my recruiting needs. Tell her I sent you.

Developer Team Happiness. I am working with VendiBean coffee to bring awesome espresso/latte drinks to your developers. Check it out and contact my friend, Teal Cooper. Tell her I sent you.

Software Agency. Check out this conversation with Ryan about what it takes to build a software development agency. If you’re going to use him, tell him I sent you.

Mentoring your direct reports. Offer your leaders a way to grow in their management of developers and process AND their emotional intelligence. Contact my friend, Annalise Koltai and tell her I sent you.

CTO Leadership. Here’s a conversation with Aaron about rethinking your software projects and your leadership style.  Ping him with questions, but if you do, tell him I sent you.

Networking. Check out the newly launched CTO Colloquium coming to a city near you. Next one San Diego, 12/19/18. After that they’re heading to Portland, Austin, Carlsbad and San Diego.

A New CTO Podcast. Here’s a TEDx style audio podcast for CTO audiences. The first episode is on Mob Programming. iTunes Google Spotify

Ok, I have a few more items but I think maybe 7 is enough?

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