7CTOs Zoom Call: How Does Your Tech Organization Measure Up?

By Published On: August 27, 2019Categories: Blog, Podcasts

How Does Your Tech Organization Measure Up?

CTOs wear many hats at work. You have to provide technical leadership but also run the team day-to-day and often, operational excellence gets left behind. Meet Agustin Lebron and Paul Johnson, who created Essilen Research, a consulting firm that helps CTOs and companies improve their technical operational efficiency. In this AMA, Paul and Agustin will share their stories and answer your questions about running tech teams efficiently and enabling their growth.

About Agustin Lebron

Agustin started his career as an IC design engineer. He then transitioned to a career as a quant trader and researcher on Wall Street and in London England. He has created, developed and implemented numerous trading strategies, including some of the first deep neural-network-based strategies. His new book The Laws Of Trading teachers readers how to use trading concepts to improve their decision-making.

About Paul Johnson

Paul started a career in software engineering in 1999 at Qualcomm Inc. In his 20 years of experience, he has worked from an individual contributor to a senior director overseeing a worldwide team of hundreds of engineers. Paul has experienced the entire tech company lifecycle: from the super fast growth of a young team through the challenges of downsizing and financial pressure. He offers this perspective to his clients and helps them navigate every stage.


Agustin Lebron
Co-Founder & Managing Director,
Essilen Research

Paul Johnson
Co-Founder, Essilen Research

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