Disrupting The Healthcare Market with CTO Unmesh Srivastava

By Published On: April 16, 2019Categories: Blog, Podcasts, The CTO Studio

We’ve seen the disruption of many markets in the last decade, so is healthcare next? It is and that disruption is already underway, according to our guest Unmesh Srivastava. Unmesh is the CTO of P3 Health Partners, and he’s been in the healthcare industry for over a decade so he knows where the industry has been, and where it is going in the future.

On this episode, we talk about his journey to becoming a CTO in the healthcare industry, what we can learn from even the most humble of jobs, and why he doesn’t see his tech team as different from the other teams in his organization. Join us for those topics and more on today’s CTO Studio.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • What is the currency you have to spend to build connection?
  • Why is connection the key to earning respect from your team?
  • How sales applies to every aspect of your organization.
  • What’s a problem he often sees with technologists and tech leaders?
  • How do you build a team so your developers so they have a balance of business knowledge and development and coding?
  • And so much more!

Unmesh left India for the States in 2008 to pursue a Masters of Science in Engineering Management at Cal-State Northridge. His undergraduate degree is in electronics and communication engineering, but he’s always been a people person and enjoyed the managing people aspect of projects.

2008 was the peak of the recession and no one was hiring, it was very different than how he imagined it would be! But he learned a lot as a result. His first campus job was being a cashier at Burger King, not a job he was entirely happy to have.

Looking back he says it shaped him a lot. Now he sees the value in it: he had to talk to all different nationalities of people, and he learned the art of selling even though he was not incentivized to do that.

And the concept applies today whether you are working in a multi-billion dollar enterprise or a mom and pop shop: how can you sell your services and have the most positive impact on the organization you are working for?

This applies not just on the front line of the actual sale, but down to the way your team is built and managed, and how your product and/or service is built so your entire organization is sustained long-term. He shares how he’s developed this, but the foundation was there from the way he was raised in his family (especially from his mother).

Also on today’s CTO Studio, Unmesh continues this story by sharing why he saw graduating during a recession as an opportunity when a lot of other graduate students were delaying going out into the workforce.

With six months to go before graduation, he left Burger King and the tutoring he was also doing to completely focused on preparing for interviews.

And after that preparation, he got a call from a management firm for an interview. He met with them, had a great interview and started working with them as a solutions consultant on their Kaiser Permanente account. That’s how he got started in healthcare and how he realized this was the industry he wanted to work in.

For almost the next three years he was at Kaiser, a role he loved. His team was devoted to the next generation of products and builds for Kaiser, which was an amazing experience because Kaiser is one of the most innovative healthcare delivery systems in the world.

From there he went to Toyota (still as part of the management consulting firm he was hired by after graduation), where he learned everything about business process management. He learned how to use Six Sigma and use process mapping to solve problems.

Even though he loved what he was learning with Toyota, he realized his passion was in healthcare. So he moved to North American Medical Management, which is part of Optumcare.

He was with them for 6 years until very recently deciding to move to a smaller organization where he could work at the grassroots level. Today he is with P3 Health Partners as their Chief Technology Officer.

Next, we segue into discussing how his teams are divided up, where they are focusing their future efforts in the healthcare realm, and why healthcare is at the cusp of being disrupted. Join us to hear that and more on today’s CTO Studio.

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