Membership Details

7CTOs’ purpose is to professionally and emotionally enrich Chief Technology Officers.

We challenge them to become better leaders, inspire them to perform better inside companies, and provide them with a supportive community forum to foster innovation and creative thinking.


The heart and soul of 7CTOs’ membership experience centers around our professionally-facilitated gatherings. Each group meets monthly in “think-tank rooms,” specifically equipped to foster innovative thinking.

In this confidential forum and relaxed environment, CTOs build trusted relationships, learn new skills and solve problems together.

Principle purposes of the Forum experience are to:

  • Develop a strong innovation mindset and a community of creative collaboration.
  • Support you as you become a better leader.
  • Foster the honest exchange of ideas and develop a sounding board for each other.
  • Make a difference through sponsoring and creating projects to improve the lives of others.

There are 12 monthly forum meetings per year.

Typical Meeting Agenda:

  •   Leadership Development – facilitated by leadership consultant
  •   Member Challenge
  •   Tech Innovation Practice

A SEVENs membership includes automatic priority enrollment in all 7CTOs events and activities.

All fees are covered as a part of your membership. A few examples:

Monthly Chapter Meetings

Each month 7CTOs holds citywide Chapter Meetings for regional members to mingle, engage with a great speaker, discuss hot current events and topics, and connect with valuable resources.

Field Trips & Community

Be a part of 7CTOs as we engage with community innovators. Field trips to local businesses on the cutting edge of their sectors, and social gatherings outside of the formal educational and forum experience buttress the 7CTOs experience.


We have CTO members all around the world. If you can’t find your city, don’t worry.

We have a great way to get you plugged into the 7CTOs tribe.