7CTOs Zoom Call: Key Components of the SaaS Analytics Platform with Sergey Sundukovskiy

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Join us on Wednesday, August 7th, 2019 on Zoom for a call with Sergey Sundukovskiy, Ph. D. – Co-Founder, CTO/CPO for Certemy, and ask him any questions you may have about SaaS Analytics.

Please Slack or Email your questions to: [email protected] ahead of time.

How to participate
Join here: 7ctos.com/zoom

The way 7CTOs does AMA’s is like a video conference call. We would like for everyone to have their video turned on and muted. Etienne will run the AMA and when you have a question you’d like to ask please either post your question in the chat window or unmute yourself.

About the topic

Capturing and reporting on data provides critical insights that ultimately drives the business. However numerous data points, tools, technologies and stage of the business makes choosing an approach for the SaaS Business Analytics a complex question. In this AMA, Dr. Sundukovskiy Explore how you can collect and analyze key product and business SaaS metrics. Consider different technical approaches for capturing, integrating and reporting on various data points. Examine the framework for selecting your own stack from the project inception, through the evaluation process and the eventual implementation. Consider how these choices likely will vary based on the stage of the business and the particular business needs

About Sergey Sundukovskiy

Before Co-Founding Certemy, Dr. Sergey Sundukovskiy served in capacities of Chief Technology Officer, Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Product Officer. Sergey is a serial entrepreneur co-founding multiple successful Startups focused on SaaS B2B products. Last Startup co-founded by Sergey was acquired by Capital One in 2014.

Sergey often mentors first-time founders and advises early stage Startups with emphasis on Product Development, Product Market Testing, Public Relations, Product Marketing, Team Building, Customer Success and Organizational Management.

Sergey specializes in implementation of subscription based high volume SaaS platforms, with strong emphasis on early stage product development, product marketing and customer acquisition. Specific areas of expertise include User Testing, A/B Testing, Marketing, Big Data, Video Management, eCommerce, RTB platforms and Cloud Computing.

About Certemy

Certemy is a cloud-based certification platform. It provides workflow automation and tracking for certification, licensing, CE management and compliance. Certemy’s customers include boards, associations, professionals, CE providers and employers.

CTO Toolbelt #1 on Recruiting, Coffee and Mentoring your Directors

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This is the first ever CTO Toolbelt! A dream come true for me. It’s a short, monthly focused list of resources for people in the role of CTO.

Here’s a bullet point list that you can skim over:

Recruitment. If you’re looking for developers, I highly recommend my friend, Kimberly Owen. I’ve known her for years and trust her with all my recruiting needs. Tell her I sent you.

Developer Team Happiness. I am working with VendiBean coffee to bring awesome espresso/latte drinks to your developers. Check it out and contact my friend, Teal Cooper. Tell her I sent you.

Software Agency. Check out this conversation with Ryan about what it takes to build a software development agency. If you’re going to use him, tell him I sent you.

Mentoring your direct reports. Offer your leaders a way to grow in their management of developers and process AND their emotional intelligence. Contact my friend, Annalise Koltai and tell her I sent you.

CTO Leadership. Here’s a conversation with Aaron about rethinking your software projects and your leadership style.  Ping him with questions, but if you do, tell him I sent you.

Networking. Check out the newly launched CTO Colloquium coming to a city near you. Next one San Diego, 12/19/18. After that they’re heading to Portland, Austin, Carlsbad and San Diego.

A New CTO Podcast. Here’s a TEDx style audio podcast for CTO audiences. The first episode is on Mob Programming. iTunes Google Spotify

Ok, I have a few more items but I think maybe 7 is enough?

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As always, please send me feedback of what you’d like to see.