What happens when a fully engaged CTO combines with the seasoned experience of an Executive Coach?

This is exactly what happened in 2013 when 7CTOs was formed by Etienne de Bruin and Michael Saul. After more than two years spent meeting 300+ CTOs in four cities across the United States, it was clear there was an urgent need for CTO leadership training in technology strategy and execution to transcend their silos, and form close-knit communities of their peers and mentors.

7CTOs was established as a Social Enterprise

— commercial strategy to maximize improvements in human and environmental well-being, rather than maximizing profits for external shareholders.

1 Build forums around a curriculum that pursues and inspires innovative thinking

2 Invest in the advancement of technology as a means to help communities thrive

3 Train CTOs as effective leaders in building businesses and technology team

7CTOs passion is to see technology leaders “move forward together”.

We accomplish this through:

1. The Innovative CTO Lab

A day-long experience that invites CTOs from cities across the USA to share their thoughts and insights.

2. Facilitated SEVENs forums

Seven hand-picked CTOs meet monthly to develop a tight- knit group that offers peer advice, builds trust and acknowledges common challenges.

3. Lunch & Learns

All SEVENs forum members unite to enjoy stimulating presentations while breaking bread. It’s a group atmosphere where additional connections can be made.

A new guiding, overarching theme is picked each month, so member CTOs share the same conversations, solve similar problems and “move forward together”.