Coaching vs. Feedback: What’s the difference?

2023-03-02T06:15:33-08:00January 25, 2022|Blog, Leadership|

As members of the C-Suite, we wear the mantle of leadership in our companies. A mantle is a loose, sleeveless cloak which when you add a light sabre, conjures up images of the Skywalkers. Who doesn’t want to be Luke or Leia Skywalker? Maybe, you already are. Or maybe you are a young Padawan in the order of the Jedi. Either way, you decided to be a leader. And with that leadership comes the responsibility of managing people towards successful outcomes for your business.

Upgrading and Nurturing Work Relationships

2023-04-02T19:45:53-07:00October 18, 2021|Blog, CTO Coaching, Leadership|

7CTO founder Etienne de Bruin discusses work relationships and the critical role leaders have in upgrading and nurturing these relationships across the organization. When breaking apart the dynamic of work relationships, Etienne explains that the most neglected aspect of our work life is our working relationships. We are all good at working relationships to some extent, but it surprises us when something does not go as planned within the relationship dynamic.

CTO Studio: Competitive Advantage Through the Five E Model with Brant Cooper

2022-09-11T19:22:25-07:00October 14, 2021|Blog, Competitive Advantage, Leadership, Technology|

Brant created Disruption Proof right before the pandemic hit, and during that time, he discovered the pandemic accelerated disruption on a bigger, more massive scale. For example, the concept of Zoom and remote work existed pre-pandemic, but suddenly, they became more commonplace due to the pandemic.