Competitive Advantage

CTO Studio: Competitive Advantage Through the Five E Model with Brant Cooper

2022-09-11T19:22:25-07:00October 14, 2021|Blog, Competitive Advantage, Leadership, Technology|

Brant created Disruption Proof right before the pandemic hit, and during that time, he discovered the pandemic accelerated disruption on a bigger, more massive scale. For example, the concept of Zoom and remote work existed pre-pandemic, but suddenly, they became more commonplace due to the pandemic.

CTO Studio: Brant Cooper on Competitive Advantage

2022-01-06T11:17:52-08:00September 21, 2021|Blog, Competitive Advantage, Technology|

Brant Cooper, the New York Times bestselling author of The Lean Entrepreneur and CEO of Moves the Needle, and Etienne de Bruin, the Founder of 7CTOs, discuss how CTOs shield their organization in various ways. From protecting intellectual property, compliance to risk management, the most impactful competitive advantage is how the CTO helps address the market by organizationally reinforcing innovation.