I had the best time ever with these three gentlemen discussing the role of the CTO in picking tools and the biases we fight in order to be the best we can be to our C-Suite.

Some highlights from this episode:

  • Jonathan talks about a progression when it comes to evaluating tools that goes beyond just a quick glance at marketing websites.  For instance they decided to go with Terraform over Cloud Formation because the tool better suited their needs.  But that realization only comes after some deep learning which equips the CTO and their team to make the right decisions.
  • Aaron,  who in a past live was the technical advisor to Bill Gates, talks about the need for CTOs to put aside the science bias in which we dig into the smallest details about our tools and rather look at how we can help our companies get to market quicker.
  • Casey talks about the PDSA method for combating the paralysis analysis situation that many CTOs find themselves in when having to make decisions.  He challenges us to rely on our intuition more.

This is such an important aspect to being a CTO, the ability to bring tools to the table.  If you’re reading this before March 2020 you should consider joining our Global CTO Colloquium which focuses on the right tools for the job.

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Casey talks about getting out of our heads here with the PDSA method:

  • Plan
  • Do
  • Study
  • Act

The more you can repeat that, the more confidence you’ll get!

Jonathan LaCour
CTO, Mission

Aaron Contorer
Founder, FP Complete

Casey Kleindienst
Professor, Cal State Fullerton