What Exactly is a Technology Vision?

A technology vision is a statement that clearly describes what the future state of a company’s technology will be and why. It is a guiding light to current and future engineers that brings with it an assurance that the technology leaders of a company are governed by something greater than themselves.

The technology vision and strategy is in service to the greater vision of a company. It sets a longer term course for building resilience and strength into the engineering teams that will build the technology that helps achieve the company’s objectives.

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Why a Technology Vision is Important

Just like a company vision is meant to keep everyone focused on the longer term goals when business gets messy, the technology vision keeps engineering teams glued to a set of principles during tumultuous times.

Technology planning needs to be flexible when business demands adjustments, but it can have a detrimental effect on engineering teams especially when leaders appear to be advocates of scope creep or deadlines. A vision for the engineering team keeps everyone anchored so that even when leaders struggle, they can lift their heads up to a common purpose.

Having a technology vision demystifies the future for employees and hopefully inspires them to be their utmost creative selves.

Creating the Technology Vision and Strategy

Where to start:

Creating a technology vision starts with a discussion. It is not quick and it is not easy. This is a good thing. It requires the coming together of great minds, old and young, fresh and dormant. You might find that you have to wake some of your key people from a deep sleep so that they are willing to commit mindshare to this process.

You may also find that some of your key people resist building a technology vision when the company vision would suffice. Take heart that this is also a good thing. Work with them. Enter into multiple dialogues about principles and values.

As you consider your technology vision, also take a look at Simon Sinek’s 3 things that make a meaningful vision. In this talk he reframes a vision as a Just Cause. Something that will inspire people to keep going when things get tough. He states that the Just Cause needs to be resilient, inclusive and service oriented.

Let’s get to work and create a technology vision b